Eric Schneiderman

Eric Schneiderman was New York’s former attorney general for seven years and, in that role, developed a reputation as very pro-consumer when it came to enforcing policy within the real estate industry – especially against landlords who were accused of harassing rent-regulated tenants in gentrifying neighborhoods.

Schneiderman’s most aggressive stances were reserved for multifamily landlords who were accused of harassing rent-regulated tenants in gentrifying neighborhoods and replacing them with tenants willing to pay market rates. He aligned himself with tenant-advocacy groups that pushed for tougher crackdowns on landlords who abused the system. 

In 2015, Schneiderman urged New York real estate professionals to embrace a change to the state’s real property law, enabling them to rebate a portion of their commission to clients. The goal of the law change was to promote price competition among real estate brokers and improve the choices available to New York homebuyers. 

In 2016, Schneiderman created a team to enhance and streamline his office’s resources to combat tenant harassment, deceptive lending practices, deed theft, bank fraud, and other housing issues facing New Yorkers.

Specific to mortgages, one of Schneiderman’s major accomplishments was going after Wall Street for billions of dollars in penalties that he helped secure from big banks that had sold flawed mortgage-backed bonds prior to the financial crisis. He saw that some of the money was used to improve New York communities that had an overwhelming population of abandoned and foreclosed-upon homes. 

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