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Welcome to the new RealTrends!

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As the real estate industry steps into 2024, it faces a landscape shaped by several critical dynamics. A key focus is the trajectory of mortgage rates, which reached their highest level in over two decades by the end of 2023. While a decrease in these rates is projected for 2024, they are unlikely to revert to the historically low levels seen during the pandemic. This shift in mortgage rates remains a central factor impacting the housing market, influencing home prices, demand, and broader economic trends.

In addition to these market dynamics, the real estate industry is navigating the complexities introduced by ongoing agent commission lawsuits. These legal challenges add another layer of complications, affecting transaction processes and industry standards.

To stay on top of the latest real estate news, industry professionals turn to HousingWire’s real estate news coverage, where they can learn about policy that is impacting lender and consumer activity, macro economic and market trends, and best practices being incorporated by leading industry professionals and agencies.

Real Estate News

2024 is not the year to cut corners on staging — here’s why 

Jan 29, 2024By

With home prices reaching unprecedented heights and interest rates soaring, the discerning nature of today’s buyers requires all agents to employ every possible advantage. Simply put, cutting corners on staging is a risky move that risks prolonged market presence.

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