New AIR requirements – better appraisals through better vendor selection

The GSEs recently released updates to their appraiser independence requirements (AIR), which help determine proper conduct regarding the independence of the appraisal entity during origination. These updated policies can serve as a catalyst for the industry to reevaluate how vendors are chosen and to build an efficient process that results in the selection of the most qualified vendors.


This white paper discusses:

  • Jaro’s findings from an analysis of over 80,000 appraisal reports: Experts at Jaro analyzed over 80,000 reports submitted by 1,000 appraisers over several years to see how they performed across multiple reports. 
  • The AIR updates: Fannie Mae released its new updates to AIR and updated FAQs in early August in collaboration with Freddie Mac, with the goal of further clarifying what has always been the intention of the GSEs: Appraiser selection should be based on their abilities and quality rather than preference. 
  • How to build an accurate vendor selection process: How can data help build a better vendor selection process, and what are the benefits?

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