Virtual Demo Day

No vaporware. No pressure. No travel. HousingWire Demo Days focus on technologies that accelerate originations, decrease risk and optimize margins. 

January 16, 2024 | 11:00am CT | Online

Event Overview

The 2024 market is about action, efficiency and forward progress. No one has time for slideware or vaporware. Companies need to move efficiently, and Demo Day’s provide you with the full picture to kickstart your vendor and technology partner selection process. 

HousingWire Demo Days present a unique opportunity for executives, procurement professionals, and operations leaders to discover and evaluate technology technology solutions capable of bringing efficiency and productivity to their organizations. 

Structured with 10-minute LIVE demos, the HousingWire Demo Day environment delivers: 

  • No pressure sales and evaluation process
  • Interactivity
  • Time efficiency 
  • No vaporware or pipedream products

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 11:00am CT

Location: Your home or office.


On January 16th, HousingWire’s Demo Day will focus on technologies that accelerate originations and bring more security to lenders and consumers.

AutomatIQ Borrower Income Analysis is an API-enabled, intuitive workflow solution for automating, analyzing, and calculating borrowers’ income. It now offers a fully integrated experience with Fannie Mae’s income calculator tool and Freddie Mac AIM for Rep and Warrant certification. As a result, lenders can increase certainty in loan quality and are also eligible for rep and warrant relief for self-employment income calculation, reducing repurchase risk.

Our Digital Lending Platform is a multi-channel, end-to-end digital mortgage solution that provides a superior experience for lenders and customers. API-centric and based on consumer data models, our platform focuses on innovation, automation, and business transformation. From application through servicing, our platform drives efficiency and ensures compliance and scalability.

EquityProtect, a leading cybersecurity fintech company, is transforming the safeguarding of real property interests through cutting-edge technology that provides validated and legally recognized property owner authorizations. EquityProtect does not just monitor, we do what others cannot do, we protect your title and more importantly, your equity with our patented SmartPolicy locking down your home ownership from cybercriminals and fraud. 

We are the solution to this crime!

Smart Underwrite represents a paradigm shift in mortgage lending. Real-time automation of critical underwriting functions, like the evaluation of credit, income, and assets, can drive real-time outcomes, including immediate loan approvals. These cutting-edge solutions interrogate loan data and documentation, instantly, upon receipt. Artificial intelligence, combined with expert systems, allows Gateless products to automate the completion of tasks and make decisions currently handled by human beings. The results: lower costs, reduced risk of human error, and faster loan approvals.

The Trade-In Mortgage is a white-labeled ‘buy before you sell’ solution that is simpler and more cost-effective than competing products. Win more deals with Calque by helping clients make non-contingent offers and qualify more easily. Our binding backup offer protects you and your client if the home doesn’t sell. 

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Interested in applying to demo but not sure yet? Check out our case study with Insellerate who used our Demo Day product and ultimately gained several new customers. 

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