Where’s your money safe?

It may not be the Second Great Depression, but it’s the most severe economic contraction most of us have seen in our lifetimes. While we haven’t experienced the bread lines stretching around the corner or general despondency seen in the Depression-era ’30s, we have experienced significant losses of personal wealth, savings, retirement funds, homes, jobs and peace of mind. Although we here at HousingWire can’t diagnose whether we’re likely to enter another depression any time soon, we are curious to hear how our readers are responding to the financial stress. Particularly, we want to ask: Where’s your money safe? And yes, the double meaning is intended. We want to know your opinions on where you think money should be kept and who’s keeping it safe: your local bank savings account, a money market mutual fund, a safe in the basement or the gap under your mattress? Keep in mind we intend to leave financial advice for qualified advisers, but we are inviting any and all opinions on what you think is the safest place for your money during this prolonged recession. Sound off and give us some answers worth printing. Click here to take our monthly Sounding Board — best answers make it into the May issue of the magazine. Please note that any responses left on the comments tab at the bottom of this post will not be included.

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