I Want My Bailout Money

This past weekend, Michael Adams — he being the editor — released a hip-hop track on the bailout that has some of the most prescient lyrics I’ve seen:

I want my bailout money Keep the bills coming Sweet green cash just drippin like honey I’m a new kind of thug with a Washington buzz ’cause Dealing debt pays better than dealing drugs What do you think will happen when they double the money supply? The falling dollar makes it harder for you to survive They take those billions and trillions and give it to their own kind Hope you don’t mind bein robbed blind How do you think we got runaway credit? Ain’t nothin goin down unless the crooks in Washington let it Now they regret it but they still don’t get it Cause the economy is crashin so bad it needs a paramedic I want my bailout money Sweet green cash just dripping with honey Gotta keep this economy running I need another hit of my bailout money Look at the stash, it’s like a mad dash for the cash They got the taxpayer takin it in the ass the CEOs they are havin a blast While the workin poor trying to make the paycheck last The bailout money is created with new debt While they rollin in their limos and private jets All the workers on the street drippin sweat While collar hustlers are takin everything they can get They put the nation on a hyperinflation track No Presidential administration can take it back And now the taxpayers pickin up the slack Like they put a high dollar Big Brother monkey on your back I want my bailout money Sweet green cash just dripping with honey Gotta keep this economy running I need another hit of my bailout money The prisons are filled with brothers caught on a fifty-dollar jack But when Whitey takin trillions, the cops they turn their back The incompetent bankers, they get their jobs back Cause those crankers smoking money like it was crack They take your car, your home, everything that you own And when you’re jobless and broke, you still gotta pay the loan If you’re thinkin of stealin some food, please don’t Just go to Washington and you can steal everything you want How we gonna solve this, dissolve the big scam We resolve we won’t let ’em steal from a fellow man Raise our hands and ask “What is this?” Then we put the Federal Reserve out of business! You take a look at a dollar bill, you see that eye above the pyramid lookin back at you That eye is laughin at you suckers! I want my bailout money Keep the con running Sweet green cash just dripping with honey Gotta keep this economy running I need another hit of my bailout money Aren’t you tired of payin for that? Tired of breakin your back for that? Bein oppressed and suppressed while you keep payin your tax for that? We gotta get out of this financial trap And it’s never gonna stop until you take your country back The politicians are useless, don’t you know that they used us And the bankers refused us while the media schooled us The authorities knew this was happening to us Cause they make more money every time that they screw us You didn’t think they’re printing all that funny money just for you, did ya? Drownin’ in debt but the Fed isn’t done yet What are we gonna get? Gonna print funny money Budget’s in the red, economy nearly dead Politician’s said that we Gonna print funny money Hangin’ by a thread, the people are bein’ bled But get it through your head that we Gonna print funny money The bankers gotta stay ahead, gotta make more bread That’s when they said, “Print more money!”

Visit his site for more information and to download ring tones, etc. (It’s all free, natch.) Big ups to the R-to-the-izzo, T-to-the-hizzo, O-to-the-lizzo, T-to-the-Zizzo.

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