2018 Women of Influence: Tereze Gegaj

Vice President of Client Service at United Wholesale Mortgage

Tereze Gegaj

Tereze Gegaj, vice president of client service at United Wholesale Mortgage, is turning UWM into one of the top-rated companies in the nation for client loyalty and satisfaction. Under Gegaj’s leadership, UWM has generated an external Net Promoter Score of 91%, an all-time company high and one of the highest in the nation.

Gegaj has been the driving force behind UWM’s increase in popularity. She has pushed forward a number of client satisfaction initiatives such as the No Call Left Behind initiative, which ensures no client ever goes to voicemail when they call; the implementation of a feedback platform for clients; and the Make It Right program, which allows customer service team members greater latitude for addressing client concerns.

Gegaj also implemented a team of call coaches and scorers to help ingrain a customer-first mentality and razor-sharp service skills in the UWM client service team.

Many of Gegaj’s efforts are directed toward securing client buy-in and making them feel valued. For instance, she started an initiative to encourage UWM members to celebrate the clients’ life moments and wins. Furthermore, she is pushing the envelope by farming out idea creation to clients and opening a channel for them to bring ideas to UWM through the Broker Brilliant Idea platform.

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