2021 Tech Trendsetter: Mark Walser


As president of Incenter Appraisal Management, Mark Walser spearheaded the creation of RemoteVal technology, dramatically streamlining one of the biggest bottlenecks in mortgage lending: appraisals. RemoteVal creates a whole new class of appraiser-centric inspection technology that shortens the process while meeting the stringent accuracy guidelines appraisers must follow. Incenter Appraisal Management believes that over time, it will become the de facto standard for how remote appraisals are conducted, and bring the digital mortgage process closer to reality.

Walser, who joined Incenter Appraisal Management in October 2020, chose to tackle a big challenge for the housing industry — the increased demand for valuation reports at a time when the appraiser population is shrinking, which has led to three to four week backlogs in many areas. This led to the creation of RemoteVal—which enables appraisers to complete thorough, compliant appraisal inspections without ever leaving their desks for many of the property types.


Mark Walser



Company Name:

Incenter Appraisal Management

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