2021 Tech Trendsetter: Andy Mahdavi

Mahdavi_ Andy

Once an astrophysicist studying dark matter, Andy Mahdavi, chief data science officer at Doma, has applied his unique skill set and knowledge to the finance and title industries, innovating everywhere he’s been. At Capital One, Mahdavi led a team of data scientists to develop advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent fraud in real time. Now, Mahdavi leds the charge on creating a property-based risk model as well as being one of the first to deploy transformer-based deep learning networks to automatically identify, process, action and respond to real estate customer communications and hundreds of document types. Before Doma was founded in 2016, issuing a title policy on a residential real estate purchase involved an agent manually searching historical documents and records for issues such as liens or back taxes. Since then, Mahdavi and his team have developed a forward-thinking, risk-based insurance model that uses a predictive algorithm to analyze millions of data points to assess the risk of a property and underwrite a policy. 


Andy Mahdavi


Chief Data Science Officer

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