2021 HW Marketing Leader: Wendy Peel


Leading marketing at ReverseVision, Wendy Peel has conceived and executed a multi-pronged strategy that has enhanced the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage reverse mortgage program’s reputation and significantly increased the number of lenders using the ReverseVision platform. During Peel’s tenure, ReverseVision has grown to be used by 9 of the top-10 reverse mortgage lenders, 49 of the top-75 IMBs and nearly 10,000 daily users.

Realizing that reverse mortgages were beset with reputational issues, Peel made it her mission to educate lenders about regulatory improvements to the HECM program, consumer need to access equity in retirement and how lenders stand to benefit from originating HECMs. Peel conceived and crystallized the “Generational Lending” model to help lenders understand the importance of adopting a customer retention strategy that directs consumers to relevant lending programs throughout the course of their lives. Together, these products are the ideal “bookends” of a lender’s Generational Lending business strategy.


Wendy Peel


VP, Sales and Marketing

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