2021 HW Insider: Antony Charles


As a solutions architect at Candor, Antony Charles works tirelessly to bring Candor’s mortgage technology to the next level on the front and back end. Charles provides solutions and real innovation to the organization and is always hard at work looking for new ways to update Candor’s technology and find new opportunities to innovate. Recently, Charles was responsible for one of the biggest challenges for the entire mortgage lending/servicing community: the URLA upgrade, working tirelessly to implement the extensive changes necessary for compliance with the GSE mandate by the URLA effective date. Charles has the unique, inherent ability to not only speak to the business and use product language but also effectively communicate with clients. He can make a C-level presentation and speak to clients and the product development teams with equal authority. Charles’ work ethic is tireless and he brings an impressive level of leadership to the group of developers he leads. He takes it upon himself to help newcomers in a way that helps them truly learn and retain the information.


Antony Charles


Solutions Architect

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